Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wong Commercial in Peru

I was talking with my friend Hugo on Skype tonight and he was telling me about a commercial that's promoting biodegradable bags. This store, called Wong, is very popular in Peru - Hugo says it's like a 'regular' grocery store that most of us go to (e.g., Martins, Kroger's). It's not like going to say, Whole Foods, although seeing this commercial, you would probably think that it would come from a place like Whole Foods.

Before watching this video, take note this is their only ad campaign that's currently running on TV. Notice how there's no mention of any products...

Hugo says that Wong's ad campaign reflects their trust with public concern about the environment. And from a marketing perspective, this ad gives them an edge over other stores. And if you don't understand Spanish, here's a translation of what's said at the end of the commercial: "We can all contribute to save the planet. You can begin by coming to Wong."

Alright, enough gabbing about the video - I hope you enjoy watching the ad!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if that bag would really biodegrade in the water like that. It was my impression that biodegradation required higher heat than would be found in the ocean. I'm not sure biodegradable bags in the ocean are any better than plastic bags. But the advertising firm probably doesn't know that.