Thursday, June 19, 2008

Building a Connected Network

It's a blessing to have easy access to online groups and actions. But it can be a dizzying experience to keep up with the buzz! So I want to plug two groups that are rallying people to join their network and take part in environmental action:

First, there's my friend Beth in Oakland (ok, she does a very fine job getting the word out, so she doesn't need me to do a plug for her, but I want to!!). She has launched the Take Back the Filter Brita Campaign, which is worth checking out, especially if you happen own one of those filters.

And for my friends in South Bend, I hope you will consider joining the Sustainability Network. My friend Jessica is organizing this effort to link groups and individuals in the Michiana area that are actively working on sustainability and conservation initiatives.

If there's other groups or networks you know of, please let me know. It's important for us to built a strong, interconnected network so that we can make a difference at local, national, and international levels.

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Anonymous said...

Our campaign needs every plug we can get! Thanks, Michelle!