Thursday, May 06, 2010

Return to My Roots

It's been too long since I've visited my blog. Many changes, both good and bad, have transpired since I last wrote about the Carnival of the Green. I look back at this blog knowing that my core beliefs have been firmly represented here. This is who I am, a person concerned with important issues that go beyond the self.

And yet, I am looking at myself in wonderment. I no longer question who I am, but look with curiosity at who I may become.

I am changing, and hopefully for the better. I am willing to let go of decisions I thought were once good, but have unfortunately soured. What to do, but to get back to my roots and my core.

Thank you everyone who have participated in this journey with me. Thank you for the ride and for the good stories. The adventure must go on, even though the characters and plots may change.

As is with nature and its steady fluctuations, we move on. Hopefully to bigger and brighter things, but never guaranteed. I hold fast to these memories forever grateful. Take care of yourself and of those who love you, plants and animals.