Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Green Michiana Pictures!

Well, be careful of what you wish for, I reminded myself as I viewed photos taken by this joker. I was expecting to receive more "typical" photos from the fair, like this one:

But that would be too ordinary and predictable! So I hope you enjoy a more nuanced view of the Green Michiana Fair!

Blue Monster Recycled

A Soggy Sign

A Frugal Sign



And here's a fun demo comparing the amount of energy required to light an ordinary vs. CFL lightbulb!

1 comment:

Dan Myers said...

Joker? Joker? This is serious business! I would like to suggest replacing the first question mark with "Walmart claiming to be environmentally responsible but using a product made by another company" and the second one by "styrofoam and potential compost at the Green Fair!"