Monday, April 14, 2008

IUSB's Green Michiana Fair a Success!

I'm happy to report that Saturday's Green Michiana Sustainability Fair was a huge success! By my rough estimate, I think ~1,000 folks stopped by throughout the day to recycle their plastic bags, styrofoam, cell phones and old computers. And many folks stayed to check out the myriad booths from local businesses. Wal-Mart and Home Depot passed out free reusable bags; other businesses sold their goods, including fair-trade coffee and clothing.

In addition, the South Bend Tribune ran a story about the fair in yesterday's paper. If you have any downtime, I encourage you to read the story. At the moment, I'm gathering some photos taken at the Fair. (If you have pictures you'd like for me to post on the blog, then please send them my way!) In the meantime, please enjoy these photos!

Ten Thousand Villages

Martin's Grocery Store

Shacklee Products & Chicory Cafe
(That's Chancellor Reck on the right!)

Uni-Solar Panels

Just Goods

Bicycle Safety!

Dessie & Michelle
(Dessie is my friend Jessica's baby!)

Live Music!

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Nate Ring said...

I'm quite excited for APS, although, a bit overwhelmed by all of the information presented there. None, the less I'm whittling down all of that information and trying to find some interesting topics to attend. Maybe you can give me some idea's on what to attend, to supplement next semesters class (or what you think might be good supplementary presentations.)

In regard to the flyer, I just converted it to a JPG, and hosted it like an image, but highlighted it and made it also a link to the PDF. It is a lot easier than it sounds, trust me.

Glad to see more people in the area are turning green, and your bag fest is growing.