Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GreenTV Captures Highlights from Green Michiana Fair

If you weren't able to come to the Green Michiana Fair, here's your chance to watch some of the action here:

I hope you enjoy this short video! :0)


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, While working on a paper for Dr. Marr's ecology class I ran across a website you might find interesting. Rey
Notice that Notre Dame is participating but no IU campuses are.

Michelle Verges said...

Thanks for passing along the link, Rey. I first heard about this program sometime last year and presented the idea to the Recycling Committee - Unfortunately, the record keeping concerning what's recycled on this campus leaves much to be desired. (To be clear: We DO recycle, but we don't have precise records on how much is recycled.)

It's my understanding that Ball State is another university in Indiana that's participating in this program. I'd be thrilled if IU jumped into these recycling competitions!


SBCatMan said...

Very nice video ... but where was Dr. Verges? That seemed to be a glaring omission.