Monday, July 23, 2007

Help Save the Lake!

Julie left a comment about her recent experience visiting the Indiana Dunes. Reading her comment inspired me to get an update about BP's efforts to dump ammonia and sludge into Lake Michigan.

On Saturday, there was a press conference in Whiting, IN, where one of BP's oil refineries is located. Both Senator Dick Durbin and House Representative Rahm Emanuel have joined the campaign to protest against dumping more wastewater into Lake Michigan.

I'm so glad to hear this news; we need to have this level of support against a giant company like BP.

In addition, the Chicago Park District is asking folks to sign the "Save the Lake" petition. Wanting to sign this petition, but noticing there's not an online method to do so, I called Janis Taylor of the Chicago Park District. Janis told me it's ok to print the pdf file, sign my name, and fax it over to her. If you feel compelled to keep Lake Michigan clean, I encourage you to sign and fax this petition, too.

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Michelle Verges said...

Here's another update on BP: In today's South Bend Tribune, I read that BP is facing a $300,000 fine for creating a parking lot and other structures without a permit.

The article also said that BP has racked up 12+ code violations since June 5th.

Way to go, BP!