Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Searching for Minimal Packaging

Fellow blogger Closet Environmentalist shared a great tip about requesting minimal packaging for online purchases. I thought this was such a brilliant and practical suggestion; I simply feel compelled to share this tip with you!

Usually, an online store will include a special note (or comment) section in the order. If you see this option, you can leave a note like this one:

“Please use minimal and recycled packaging. Kindly do not include any catalogs, inserts, fliers, shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, packing confetti, plastic “pillows,” or Styrofoam peanuts. (You can use crumpled up newspaper if padding is necessary.) Please do not include me in any mailing lists or exchange lists you may have. Thank you!"

With this tip in mind, I went online to purchase an organic t-shirt from Mountains of the Moon. I was eagerly searching for that "special note" section on their online form, but you know what? They don't have one! Sheesh, just my luck. Well, hopefully I'll receive my shirt without frivolous packaging--they're an environmentally-conscious business after all! :0)


AnandaDevika said...

I pasted Alina's "minimal packaging" statement on my order form for Reusable Bags yesterday - we'll see if it works!

Michelle Verges said...

Sweet!! If Allison Kozdron is handling your order, then I'm sure she'll comply to those special instructions.

Allison is the Consumer Relations Manager of reusablebags.com. She came to BagFest (a festival I hosted back in April) to discuss the importance of reusing bags instead of relying on disposable plastic bags.


Anonymous said...

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