Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beauty (and the Beast) at the Indiana Dunes

Today, Dawn and I took our puppies to the Indiana Dunes, which is located along Lake Michigan. Our mission: To give the pups plenty of exercise so that they would be conked out by the time we returned home. And mission accomplished! The pups are now peacefully napping. :0)

Not knowing what to expect, we brought our cameras to take a few photographs. After climbing the summit of one of the dunes, we saw this incredible view:

Isn't Lake Michigan beautiful? My face immediately fell, however, when I turned my gaze to the right. Here's what I saw next:

Not a pretty sight. And I was really hoping to take my mind off these sort of issues. Well, not wanting to feel jaded, Dawn and I took the pups to the shore and then trekked along the trails. And we had a blast!

Here's a pic of Dawn with her pup, Lucy:

And here are my two critters, Jack and Willy:

So despite seeing the beastly refinery, we all enjoyed our Saturday outing to the Indiana Dunes. :0)


CyberCelt said...

Sad. It is bad all over.

We defeated 5 coal burning plants being opened in Texas. Now the governor is talking about nuclear power plants.

They just do not get it.

I am linking to your blog from Endangered Spaces.

Experimentaholic said...

Ah the Dunes! I used to hang out there when I lived in Chicago! Great times, but too many flea bites! Sounds like you had fun! Experimentaholic

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Cybercelt: Congratulations on overturning the implementation of 5 coal burning plants in Texas. That's tremendous!! By the way, have you heard about the recent issue in Port Arthur, TX? Apparently, there's a chemical plant here in Indiana that's shipping wastewater containing VX, a nerve gas. I think litigations are currently underway to stop shipping this toxic waste to Texas.

And thanks for sending me the link to Endangered Spaces. I look forward to reading that blog!


Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Experimentaholic: Yes, going to the Indiana Dunes was fun!!

Flea bites?!? Try ticks on for size!! My miniature schnauzer, Jack, had two ticks on him. And I found two ticks on me, too!!
Gross, gross, gross! (Yah, I'm really a city girl, if you can't tell by my disgust in finding ticks on me and my pooch!!)


JENNIFER said...

Those plants in IN is something that we can see from Michigan too. We could see it in my home town beach, Weko-Bridgman, we would always see that smoke, and on some good days you can see Chiago

angel said...

that is quite a view!

Anonymous said...

I am a Chicagoan and made my first trip to the Indiana Dunes and West Beach. I was horrified when I stepped past the beautiful dunes and saw the beach. I looked to both my left and right and saw refineries. I let my children swim, but I know the water can't be very clean. I hope that BP is unable to get additional dumping rights. I won't be going back.