Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Plastic Oceans

Beth from recently asked me to write a letter to Wildwood, which is a company that sells organic goods. The purpose of writing this letter was to encourage Wildwood to stop using plastic fitments on their soymilk containers (you know, that plastic thingy that keeps milk fresh).

So I wrote this letter. To his credit, the President of Wildwood sent me a very courteous response on the same day. In his reply, he said that Wildwood has addressed the issue of waste on a broader level. For instance, Wildwood doesn't purchase soybeans from China, thus reducing their dependency on fuel.

Yet, based on his response, it was clear to me that this fitment issue was considered too trivial for Wildwood to address.

So I started asking myself, is this really a puny issue or is there something more? And that's when Beth told me about her concern regarding the effects of plastic waste on marine life. Wanting to know more about this issue, I've spent the last few days reading about the amount of plastic found in the Pacific Ocean. I learned, for instance, that there's six times more plastic than plankton in the Pacific, which is quite a disturbing statistic.

Anyway, if you have a moment, I hope you watch this 10 minute video that raises awareness on the amount of plastic waste found in our oceans.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for raising this issue on your blog and for including the video!

Those plastic caps seem like a small thing, and that's one of the problems. It's the little pieces of plastic that are getting eaten by birds and fish. I've also seen some very sad photos of dead birds that are just full of plastic caps!

Last night, I just read that we are purposefully flushing tiny plastic particles down the drain each time we use facial scrubs that contain "microbeads." I had no idea! You can read about it here.

Crazy times!

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