Monday, September 25, 2006

Fabulous News: We Have Two Community Partners!

I'm very happy to report that we've established *two* community partners for the project. Cheryl Schade, Director of the Adult Services at the Logan Center, confirmed their support with the project. This means that folks at the Logan Center will participate in our contests. And we will host a workshop at the Logan Center to teach participants how to make crafts (i.e., draft dodgers, coasters) from re-used plastic bags.

In addition, we've formed a partnership with the Riverbend Community Math Center. Amanda Serenevy, President of Riverbend Community Math Center, will work closely with me to organize festival events. Amanda is committed to teaching children (and adults!) how mathematics relates to real-life events. I'm so impressed by her creative ideas; Amanda knows how make the study of mathematics FUN!

Folks, I'm thrilled about this latest development, and I hope you are, too!

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