Thursday, October 05, 2006

Guest Speakers for Festival

Folks, I've got more good news to share with you: We have two guest speakers for the Conserve Plastic Bags Festival! (Please note: The tentative date for the festival is scheduled for April 14, 2007.)

Steve Antonneti, District Manager of Wal-Mart, will host a discussion session on Wal-Mart's efforts to recycle plastic bags. As part of his presentation, he will show us video footage on plastic-bag recycling in Bentonville, AK. He will also be able to answer any questions or concerns we may have about this recycling process. So this will be a *great* opportunity for us to get informed and ask our burning questions about plastic-bag recycling at Wal-Mart!

In addition, Vincent Cobb and his representatives at will participate at the Conserve Plastic Bags Festival! They will host a discussion session on the importance of conserving plastic bags. (If you haven't checked out their website, I highly encourage you to do so!) They will also have a lot of goodies in-store for us (e.g., t-shirts, stickers, cloth bags).

This should be educational and FUN!


Anonymous said...

We can avoid using plastic bags altogether by carrying our own canvas bags to the store. As noted, Martins will even give you a 3 cents credit per bag. If you don't want to spend a fortune investing in cloth bags, shop for them at Goodwill, St. Vinnie's, Salvation Army, etc., where they can be purchased for under $1. Along the same lines as reducing our use of plastic bags, we can also reduce our use of styrofoam and plastic restaurant take-home containers. I carry my own containers to restuarants when I think I will have leftovers, wash them out at home, and reuse them again and again.

Jade said...

This sounds great! You have made so much progress in such a short amount of's awesome! That is so exciting about the speakers and all the connections you've made. It's just so cool to see it all coming together!

Conserve Plastic Bags said...

It's always great to receive feedback and suggestions about this project. Thanks for sending your thoughts my way!

Dear Anonymous, I like your practical suggestions. I hadn't considered going to second-hand shops to purchase cloth bags. Brilliant idea! I also like your idea of carrying your own containers to restaurants--these days, it's almost guaranteed that there'll be leftovers--why not think ahead? I really appreciate your mindfulness--Thanks for sharing your great ideas. You've inspired me!

And Jade, thanks for your support!! I'm glad you're excited about this project, too.

Big smiles to all!