Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Establishing a Network

Despite the fact it's only been a month since I began this project, several people have shown their support. I've managed to keep a list of folks I've contacted, but the list keeps growing! Lucky for me, my friend, Dawn Wiest, is a bonafide expert on network analysis. So, on Sunday night, we created my very first Conserve Plastic Bags network! I'm going to keep track of any changes in the network as this project develops. And hopefully, those changes will be positive!

As of today, this is what the network looks like:

Please don't hurt your eyes by looking at this network! If you want to see an improved version of the network, click here.

Here's a breakdown of the network by color:

Red--IUSB faculty and students

Green--IUSB administration

Blue--Friends and family

Light blue--UGA colleagues

Light green--South Bend businesses

Black--South Bend Recycling Center

Grey--The Logan Center


Based on this information, there are two major hubs: me and Gwynn Mettetal. Gwynn is the Department Chair of Psychology at IUSB, so it's no real surprise that she's very well connected. She's a valuable resource, indeed!

Anyway, please feel free to contact me if you wish to become part of the Conserve Plastic Bags network!

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