Friday, June 06, 2008

Toxic: Garbage Island - Part 1

I've read a lot of factual information about the amount of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. But seeing the story unfold on video is quite a different experience.

There's a 12-part series of these videos that you can watch online:

I plan on watching these videos after I complete my writing tasks for the day.


Nate Ring said...

1. I really like the new layout. Very clean, very efficient.
2. That expose was incredible. Amazing how much trash we leave. Not just the large chunks (which at this point I'd prefer) trillions of tiny ones.

Michelle Verges said...

Thanks, Nate. I needed a change of scenery. :0)

Yah, it's amazing where our trash goes - contrary to popular ignorance, it doesn't just disappear.

Fake Plastic Fish and I once wrote letters to the VP of Wildwood to stop using plastic fitments (the plastic thingy that is used for milk cartons these days)- it's simply too easy for that plastic junk to end up in the Pacific Ocean.