Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rallying Behind Crunchy Chicken

I first heard about Crunchy Chicken by reading the comments on No Impact Man's blog. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to her blog - she was hosting a poll (the exact question eludes me now). But instantly, I knew I could relate to this woman - for crying out loud, we both love statistics and asking people questions! It's a pretty dynamic site, in case you haven't visited. Crunchy hosts online book discussions and challenges that really gets people excited to do act in an environmentally responsible manner. For goodness sake, I've frozen my buns over the winter with her Freeze Your Buns Challenge. And I recall having several interesting conversations when I participated in the Diva Cup Challenge.

Crunchy's been going through some tough times, which I won't get into that here. She nearly retired from the blogosphere last week. But lucky for us, she just can't stop blogging! In fact, a group of bloggers created a Tribute to Crunchy blog, which partly honors her for being so darn cool. In addition, this tribute is also raising money for one of her causes called Good4Girls - it's a charity that provides sanitary products to school-age girls in Africa.

I'm no Rockefeller, but I donated $50 to this charity. It's a drop in the bucket, but I hope Crunchy will accept this as a token of my appreciation for what she does best: Finger lickin' good and always crunchy. But, mostly just clucking around!

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Green Bean said...

If everyone puts a drop in the bucket, it will overflow! That is the beauty of community. When we join together, we each need only contribute a little but we get alot.