Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Royte Reviews Children's Books on Environmentalism

Our friend, Elizabeth Royte, wrote an article in the NY Times about children's books that address environmental issues. (I know Fake Plastic Fish has been recently talking about this.) In short, Royte mildly critiques one book for conveying "anthropogenic doom" and praises another book for leaving the reader feeling "not only hopeful, but enthused." Royte's article reinforces Marc's thesis that instilling a positive mood helps motivate people to embrace pro-environmental (and political!) attitudes.

As many of you know, Elizabeth Royte was our featured speaker at last year's BagFest. It was so incredibly awesome to have her come to IU South Bend for that event. Here's a picture of us taken after a dinner I hosted to honor her and my students for embarking on that plastic-bag journey with me:

This photo sure brings back good memories! :0)

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