Thursday, May 15, 2008

Downtown SB's EcoFest

Well, the "green" theme may be contagious: Downtown South Bend is hosting an EcoFest next month! I'm excited and curious about this community event, which will be held on June 21st from 10am - 3pm. I've been invited to host a booth at EcoFest, which I'm happy to do. In the meantime, however, please mark your calendars. I hope to see you there! :0)


SBCatMan said...

Hey, Michelle

I just found out about this today. Of course, there will be music -- from 10 am to 3 pm -- and I understand the slate is nearly full already.

Should be a great time. Let's hope for lots of sunshine.

Nate Ring said...

That's fantastic news. I wonder if South Bend will become the next Seattle--green. Fortunately, due to the size of our city here, there is lots of room to make the needed changes.

Also, I thought I'd point out one company in particular you should look into. Sun microsystems. You would be appalled by their packing policies. I can talk to you more about that at the conference, but I thought it would be a good idea give you a heads up first.

Anyway, I'm excited for this next photo op and the EcoFest should be fun!

Michelle Verges said...

I'm glad to hear there's going to be live music at EcoFest - that's a must-have!! :0)

Nate, thanks for putting the bug in my ear about Sun microsystems. I'm curious to hear your thoughts about that company's packing policies. Hopefully, I'll see you at the fair, but if not, you know where to find me!