Friday, November 16, 2007

Flattering, But So Not True!

I was just reading my friend's blog, and he posted his results from the Blog Readability Test. I figured I'd do the same - I was sure my results would be lower than his (am I detecting a confidence issue here?!?). So you can imagine how shocked I was to find out my results. And now, the cynic in me is convinced there's something fundamentally wrong with this test!! (I say this not to offend any readers, but to question the underlying assumption that one must be a genius to write these posts, which I'm clearly not!)

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Experimentaholic said...

No, flatter yourself. Whilst most blogs talk about things like, "Oh my god, my haircut is like SO great" or "Britney was spotted dressed as a cowboy at a Halloween party" or "Smells Like Teen Spirit was the BEST song from the 80s, your blog is, definitely genius level. And this marks the first time in my life that I used the word Wilst.