Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's Not Fauxcycling, It's Recycling

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Well, it took me about a week of playing phone tag, but I finally got the scoop on Martin's plastic-bag recycling program. Here's the short answer: They're indeed recycling plastic bags.

Right now, Martin's has a pilot program at one of the area stores here in South Bend. So far, they've managed to create one bale of bags (~1200 plastic bags). Commercial Waste picks up the bags and then ships them out-of-state (i.e., Ohio) for recycling.

When I spoke to the store manager last week, he said that Waste Management was picking up the bags. To an uninformed consumer, his response sounds legit. But I've been cursed with plastic-bag knowledge, so I knew this was inaccurate information. (Waste Management doesn't accept plastic bags for recycling.) And given our recent conversation about fauxcycling, I thought it would be wise to obtain accurate information about this program. I'd hate for someone to be misinformed about this pilot program and wrongly conclude this may be another case of fauxcycling.


Meghan said...

Great job Michelle! Now let's hope it gets widely publicized and publicly endorsed!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job. I need to find out what really happens to the bags that Safeway collects here in Oakland. They say they are recycled, but I have my doubts.