Friday, September 21, 2007

Martin's: A Test Case for Recycling Plastic Bags

Since I first started blogging about plastic bags last year, I learned that Wal-Mart was the only store in my area that recycles plastic bags. I also discovered that Martin's grocery store used to recycle plastic bags, but they stopped the program in 2001.

Well, Martin's is making a comeback. They're running a test case at one of the store locations (for those of you who live in South Bend, the store is located on Ireland Rd.).

Piqued by this information, I called Martin's this morning to find out where they ship their bags for recycling. (To date, the state of Indiana does not have facilities for recycling plastic bags, so these bags have to be shipped to other states for recycling.)

I spoke with Frank Leddy, the store manager. According to Frank, Waste Management collects the bags. "Do you know where the bags are shipped to after Waste Management picks them up?," I asked. He didn't.

That's okay. I'm friends with Susan O'Brien, who's the Account Manager of Waste Management. So I gave her a call and left her a message. Hopefully, she'll be able to give me the skinny about Martin's recycling program. I'm really curious to know more about this recent development! And of course, I'll let you know what I find out as I gain more information about Martin's recycling test case. :0)

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