Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Get Ready for Step It Up!

Kerry Temple, the organizer of this Sunday's Step It Up! rally, sent me the following update. As promised, I'm passing this information along to you:

IUSB: At 3pm Sunday November 4, a group will meet at the Peach Pole in front of the Schurz Library on the IUSB campus and will walk along the St. Joe River to the Jon Hunt Plaza in downtown South Bend, right in front of the Morris Performing Arts Center.

ND/SMC: At 3pm Sunday November 4, a group will meet at the main circle adjacent to the Law School and Alumuni Hall on the Notre Dame campus and will walk to the Jon Hunt Plaza downtown. There will be a police escort for the "Notre Dame/SMC group" because of the number of streets needing to be crossed. The walkers should obey all traffic signals and proceed down Notre Dame Avenue to South Bend Avenue, turning right at Club 23, heading downhill to Colfax, taking Colfax across the bridge to downtown. [Those driving to campus for the walk could park in the bookstore lot and gather at the main circle or meet up with the marchers as they head south along Notre Dame Avenue.]

It would be great if marchers could make their own signs to carry. Choose your own slogan. Keep the Step It Up themes in mind. Let's make sure people know what we're supporting, demonstrating for.

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