Monday, October 29, 2007

Current TV/Alliance Ecospot Contest Wants Your Vote

I received an email from a contestant who submitted "Plastic Ocean," a public-service announcement to the Current TV/Alliance Ecospot Contest. The purpose of this contest is to create a short video message that will inspire folks to get involved in solving the climate crisis.

This contest has entered the semifinal round - apparently, hundreds of ecospots were submitted, and George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Orlando Bloom, Rihanna, among other celebrity judges, picked these 23 semifinalists.

So now, it's our turn to select the best ecospot video:

The top four ecospots will be broadcast internationally on Current TV, showcased on MySpace’s Impact Channel and featured in the Alliance’s national campaign.

For the record, I will be casting my vote for "Plastic Ocean," because it's a great PSA and I want to support Manuel Reta, who brought this contest to my attention. Thanks Manuel and good luck! :0)

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