Monday, October 01, 2007

Beth Reflects on Tess' Trash Challenge

Beth from Fake Plastic Fish was interviewed by Tess Vigeland on NPR's Marketplace regarding her participation with Tess' Trash Challenge.

Well, I'm glad I listened to the interview. I didn't know I could compost my paper plates and napkins. Those suckers will be relocated to my compost bin and deducted from my trash-collection spreadsheet. Sweet!! :0)

Thanks for the tips, Beth!!


Radical Garbage Man said...

Just a quick, hopefully helpful note about paper products and backyard composting:

The heavier the paper (like a plate), the longer it's going to take to break down. Be sure to shred such material and get it wet before putting it in your pile. Otherwise you're liable to still have a plate sitting in the middle of your compost and get frustrated. Consider adding shredded paper plates equivalent to adding wood chips: a good bulking medium that takes longer to decompose and so needs to be sued in moderation. Think of shredded paper paper and napkins as leaves.

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

I always think about worm composting (I live in an apartment with no outdoor access) but then I chicken out because (1) I'd be afraid I'd do it wrong (2) it seems complicated (3) I'd be worried the cats would eat the worms (4) worms are slimy.

I should stop being such a chicken. I bet my hippie landlord would be okay with it.

(There were two (3)'s in the previous comment, so I deleted it!)

Michelle Verges said...

Radical Garbage Man, That's a fabulous tip!! Thanks for sending it my way. :0)

Meghan, I totally feel your pain about vermi-composting. It does sound gross! But I would love to hear what people have to say about this type of composting. Maybe it's not as disgusting as it sounds. By chance, did you listen to the NPR interview? Beth Terry was talking about an "urban composter" she uses, which is greared for apartment dwellers. I'll try to find some information for you about that composter.


Meghan said...

I just listened to it! I'm very interested in finding out about this urban composter. Hmmm....I will definitely look into that!!!! Thanks so much Michelle (and of course, Beth, who is an accountant, and therefore, obviously cool!)

Radical Garbage Man said...

Vermiposting is easy and minimally gross. I've been doing it for a couple of months now. The problem for apartment dwellers is that you generally don't have enough potted plants for all the fertilizer you'll be making!

There a loads of excellent online resources on how to build and maintain a worm bin.

Meghan said...

Radical Garbage Man...I'm scared! I know, I know - what a wimpy girl. But it just creeps me out. I want to do it, but for aforementioned reasons (and all new ones that I uncovered in a UNL article - like the cats possibly using it as a litter box!) I'm hesitant. Still, I've ordered a book from the library, and I promise to at least do more research on it.

...fraidy cat of wigglers girl