Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do You Live in a Cool City?

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Turns out, Step it Up 2007 has partnered with Sierra Club's Cool Cities (

What's Cool Cities? Basically, these are cities throughout the U.S. that are committed to reducing global warming.

Saugatuck, MI, for instance, is listed as a cool city. South Bend, unfortunately, is not (yet).

So, do you live in a Cool City? Click on the cool-city link from this post to find out! :0)

(And here's a photo of Sean showing us how Saugatuck deals with its pet waste by offering dog owners free biodegrable bags.)


Sunny said...

I used to live in a cool city. Now I live half way between two cool cities in another non-cool city apparently. Damn, guess there's more work for me to do :)

Michelle Verges said...

I want to live in a cool city!!

Sunny, you're definitely motivating me to turn South Bend into a cool city!


alex said...

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Meghan said...

I live in a Cool City! In fact, there are 3 cool cities in my state!

Michelle Verges said...

Way to make me feel jealous, Meghan!! :0)

So, how's your city a Cool City?

I'm curious to know--I think cool cities offer various pro-environmental services for their residents.


Meghan said...

Honestly? I think we're cool in name only. We're registered as a cool city, and we've completed steps 1-3 in the 5 step list (or, that's how many steps are on our city's page). Steps 4 and 5 are in progress, and our profile appears to have not been updated since spring of last year. Ouch! I've emailed the contact to ask how I can get involved. While I wouldn't exactly say I'm extremely knowledgeable about Omaha's happenings, I'm surprised I haven't heard anything about our group at all...I'll keep you posted on what I find out. In the meantime, visit our page:


Oh, and I nominate you to start making your city cool! Anyone can do it - you just need to find a group of poeple to work with you. But the first step is registering there & creating a page, which you can easily do, as far as I read here: Get Involved

From that page:

"If your city isn't there then maybe there isn't a team there yet. You can start it!

Want to become a lead? Register on the site and contact the Cool Cities Coordinator at!"

Meghan said...

Well that was fast. The person got back to me today, and let me know about Green Omaha Coalition. I'm going to keep in touch and maybe check out a couple of their councils , like the Public Agency Council or the Learning Green Education Council.

Thanks for making finding a community activist group easy, Michelle!!

Michelle Verges said...

Geez, that was fast!! :0)

Nice work, by the way. I'm quite impressed with you getting more involved in your community. That's so awesome, Meghan!

On a related note, I spoke with the President of the Environmental Justice League Club on my campus today. I'm trying to get the students on my campus more involved with environmental activism via StepItUp. Now because StepItUp is partnering with Cool Cities, I'm also thinking that getting South Bend listed as a Cool City is a no-brainer.

So I'm actively working on being patient as I try to rally support from students on my campus. Provided we work on this together as a team, I think we'll be able to make larger differences in our community. (At least, that's my hope!)

Have a great weekend!! And kudos for getting in touch with the Omaha Green Council!