Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 3: The Bag's Bulging (a little bit)

Well, the bag's gaining a little girth: In addition to my growing paper-towel collection, I'm now carrying a salad bag and a cereal bag. Yah, and more floss was added to the bag.

I decided to bring my bag to my statistics class this morning. I think some of my students were somewhat amused that I would collect data on my garbage. A student asked me if I was reusing my paper towels--I am--as I told my student, those paper towels were used to dry my clean hands, so it doesn't bother me to reuse them, especially now that I'm carrying them with me everywhere I go.

I also showed my students my data-collection sheet and told them I would conduct some descriptive stats on these numbers. I don't think they were too impressed by my penchant to run the numbers, but I told them how this challenge has really made me become more deliberate about my behaviors (i.e., what I choose to do--and not do--like eat chicken wings--I am not going to carry around chicken bones in my bag for a week!). And it really has challenged the notion of throwing my garbage away and forgetting about it. A few students nodded in agreement. I wonder if any of my students would participate in Tess' Trash Challenge.

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