Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 2: Paper Towel Waste

So far, there's not a lot of trash data for me to report. Yesterday I used six paper towels, 1 coffee stirrer, and dental floss. (Thanks for the coffee-stirrer tip, Meghan!)

And today, I've used only two paper towels. That's it. Really. And the only reason why my paper-towel usage has declined today is because I worked from home this morning, so I used a cloth towel for drying my hands.

Ho hum, these data are not compelling. (I know, I know, I should probably be rejoicing for not generating a lot of waste!)

But I was confronted with a challenge last night when I went out to dinner. I was determined to eat everything on my plate--I didn't want to stow uneaten food in my bag, nor did I want to carry a styrofoam container after I was done with my leftovers. With that in mind, I ordered curry fries and a steak salad. Not bad, though with the size of food portions these days, I was quite stuffed afterwards. In fact, when I woke up this morning, I was still full from last night's meal!


Dan Myers said...

You didn't floss today? ;) :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on Dan. Who actually flosses every day? :-)

Michelle, you could get in the habit of bringing a reusable container with you to restaurants to carry home leftovers. Check out the BYO blog (link on my web site) for encouragement in this area.

Meghan said...

I agree with bringing your own container for left-overs. It can be neatly hidden away in a larger purse, just in case you need it. And though I know plastic is the devil, before I knew that, I went to the store and bought those collapsable rubbermaid plastic containers for bringing food to work. They're great for storing in purses because they don't take much room when collapsed.

(And I swear it's not my objective to keep suggesting you carry alternatives to one-use items with you in your purse so that you end up having to carry a purse the size of a small country. Though that's what I currently do.) :)

Michelle Verges said...

For the record, I do floss daily, thankyouverymuch! :0)

You know what's funny? I hadn't realized how keeping a public record of my trash would also reveal my personal habits to you.

In retrospect, this is nothing more than a "doh" moment, but really, I'm struck by how much I've thought about my trash. This challenge has definitely violated the "Trash-it-and-forget-it" mantra most folks currently follow.

Thanks for the suggestion to bring my own container--that'll prevent me from overeating next time!

While I generally don't go out to eat regularly, I do carry my lunch in a reusable plastic container. I just checked this morning: It's #5 plastic, which is non-leaching, thank goodness!