Monday, July 02, 2007

Hi everyone, how are you all doing

I would like to tell everyone that I have been editing my new online store. It is open for all to see and check it it out. I would love to hear any comments. And for you Michelle I think a have created everything that I have wanted to out of plastic bags. Thanks for all you out there that I got a chance to meet you all really made me happy to do something that is so good.



Michelle Verges said...

I'm SO impressed by your website. Job well done!!! It looks so good. Best wishes as you manage your new online store!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your plastic bag art. I was inspired by yours as well as some other ideas that I saw on TreeHugger. So tonight, I stayed up and knitted a plastic bag fish for my blog. See it here:

Good luck with your store. I'll come by again when I have gifts to give.