Friday, July 06, 2007

Dreaming of Philly

I'm home, back from a festive trip to Philadelphia. And it's good to be home again--I missed my pups. But I must admit that I'm already dreaming of Philly. Philly's an interesting place: There are plenty of sights to see, plenty of good foods to eat, and plenty of ways to live a green lifestyle.

For instance, my friend Sean and I walked everywhere because Philly's such a pedestrian-friendly city. And walking around Philly was like eye-candy. We saw murals by Isaiah Zagar, statues by Robert Indiana, and dozens of community gardens.

And of course, there were several farmers' markets to frequent and restaurants that promoted locally-produced, organic foods on their menus.

Oh dear, what's not to love about Philly?

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Experimentaholic said...

I have several friends who live in Philly and they all love it. Philly recycles, as well. The thing I like most about Philly is that it is a down to earth city - the people are not pretentious like in Boston or New York, and it isn't all political as in D.C. It is the perfect East Coast city, and is close to the farming communities of Lancaster and the beaches of New Jersey. I'd move there in a heartbeat!