Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Geeks Unite at APS!

Tomorrow I leave for Washington, DC to attend the 19th annual APS conference. I'm so excited; this is my favorite conference! (Yes, I know I'm a geek. I've accepted this as fact many years ago!) Anyway, I'm going to present a poster about the service-learning project (i.e., BagFest) and speak on a panel concerning professional-development issues. Should be fun!

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse the blog archives while I'm away. I'll see you next week! :0)


Experimentaholic said...

I'm glad you like APS over those losers at APA. APS is for the cool experimental geeks like us, APA is for the lame quasi-experimental geeks like, well, everyone else. I think you can guess who this is by now.

Really cool blog here, Michelle. Since meeting you I have refused every plastic bag offered me. This kinda sucked, walking home from Whole Foods dropping things left and right, but it was one less bag to add to the landfills. Keep up the great work on every front of your life. You're stumbling on greatness.

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Oh, my my...talk about turf wars!! It's kinda like the Jets vs. the Sharks, but in this case, we're dealing with psychology goofballs! :0)

Yes, I have a hunch on who this may be. Thanks for your kind words and support!

And to help curb that juggling act of yours, I'll send you some reusable bags for grocery shopping.