Wednesday, April 04, 2007

toilet paper fixation continuance...

Well, I had to give a persuasive speech (for speech class). I did mine about toilet paper. Well, okay, the "dangers" of virgin papermaking and the benefits of recycling, centered around a toilet paper theme. What can I say, Royte really inspired me; I never imagined I would develop a passion for bathroom tissue.

So, anyway, my speech got selected (23 out of 450) to be presented on speech night!!!! So, I get to "redo" the speech in front of a much larger audience. I asked my speech prof how many people would be there, she shrugged and said the room holds 250. (YIKES) and if I make it to finals (it's a competition) that's 2x the audience! I'm one part excited, 5 parts terrified, and 10 parts grateful I get to pass on this very important information I've been given.

The speech is Monday the 16th btw 4-6 in the recital hall (NS 158) if any of y'all wanna come by and hear the whole spiel.




Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Now this is what I call "empowered."

Melissa, way to go! I wouldn't miss this for the world.

By the way, I marked the date on our blog calendar (just scroll down).

Fabulous work--I'm rooting for you!

:0) M

Anonymous said...

Hey, that is so awesome! Congratulations! This class is amazing. I did my speech on volunteerism and I got voted in my class too, but I plan on withdrawing my name before the final class vote. Anyway, I already have a ticket for that speech night so I'll be there and I'll be rooting for you too! Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

I just thought I would add that if students want to come to this event, you must have a ticket. You can get your ticket at the IUSB box office located in Northside Hall. The hours are Monday through Friday, 11-6. The tickets are free with a student ID.