Thursday, April 19, 2007

semester review

I used to be a big re-user of the plastic bags. Like the documentary guy I used them for kitty litter clean up, or to pack my lunch, or to throw in clothes my kid has outgrown to give to a friend. I used to enjoy my abundant pile of plastic bags, like Royte’s pack rats, except I never urinated on them. Now, I use my old forgotten canvas bags, I even resisted the urge to buy the pretty silk ones, because I didn’t need them.

I’ve learned to take in small chunks, and I do enjoy and try to remember Royte’s great sense of humor alongside looming global catastrophe. I realize it’s important to make one decision at a time and stick with it. I will never buy anything but 100% post consumer recycled toilet paper again, I never thought I would feel so proud simply wiping my you know whats. I use my canvas bags, it’s easy and I can clearly see the difference that makes after our 72,000 some odd bag round up. I ask myself if I really need it before I buy it, and I avoid ridiculous packaging. I talk my son out of happy meals. And I talk to other people about zero waste, virgin paper, the whole thing because like me, most people just don’t know about this stuff. And I try to remember I am a work in progress, and I am excited to imagine where I’ll end up. I may even compost this summer.

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