Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bagfest Comments

I have to agree with everyone- Bagfest was so great! The whole event ran so smoothly, and I was so excited to see the turnout. I have to say that I enjoyed hearing the panel discussion as well as meeting Elizabeth Royte. I would have liked to talk with her a bit about her experiences and about the political involvement regarding garbage. Ah, another time.
Also, the dinner was such a wonderful way to end the Bagfest. The discussions were lively and interesting. And, Michelle's "thank you" speech was wonderful. She was able to describe the process of pulling the planning of the Bagfest together along with thanking each individual who helped bring the event together. The speech was informative as well as touching. And, she hand wrote a thank you note for each person at the dinner- so very thoughtful. Thank you Michelle.

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