Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Final BagCount

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I'm slowly but surely recuperating from BagFest. I was very pleased by the turn-out, the talks, and the number of bag donations. In four hours, volunteers counted over 72,500 bags. Wowza! BagFest was indeed a success.

In addition, folks have been kind enough to send me their pictures, which I've uploaded onto flickr. So feel free to click on this picture to see more BagFest photos.

This weekend, I'm going to organize the data we collected on Saturday. We have four excel files that need to be collated. And Kim was a go-getter: We have 100 completed surveys! So I need to organize those data in order for us to begin analyzing that information.

Just thinking about these data brings a smile to my face. Yes, I'm a veritable stats geek!


Nancy W said...
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Nancy W said...

WOW! 72,000+ bags collected in 4 hours!! That's over 18,000 bags per hour, in one area of one city in one state. I would like to see this data translated into the amount of crude oil (or petroleum) it takes to make that many bags.
This really puts things into perspective.