Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Elizabeth Royte Blogs about BagFest

In today's Huffington Post, Elizabeth Royte blogs about her reactions to BagFest. Click here to read her post.



kimlynch said...

Hmm...interesting blog. Royte was definitely positive towards our event and our community, but I was disheartened to pick up on some negativity towards Wal-Mart. I admit that I was initially skeptical about Wal-Mart too because they profit from the sale of the bags, but in the end, I decided that their helping with this event was a win-win situation for everyone, us (our class and event), and them, and for the community at at large. Also, Michelle, I agree with your comments about not having a second event, but it would definitely be cool to continue this awareness through this blog or some comparable project. I'm kind of going to miss the blog when the class ends, but not as much as I will miss my fellow classmates that this project enabled me to get to know better.

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Hi Kim,

The plastic-bag issue is certainly complex because it's important to consider both the environmental and economic factors concerning this issue.

So, I agree with you, though on a grander scale: Having Wal-Mart, Rocky Mountain Recycling, South Bend Waste Paper,, and Elizabeth Royte was a win-win situation for everybody.

In my eyes, these folks preserved the 3R-hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle):

Reduce: Royte's talk


Recycle: Rocky Mountain Recycling, Wal-Mart, and SB Waste Paper. And I think having SB Waste Paper was really important in terms of making those points relevant at a community level.

Elizabeth has suggested I continue this project, though on a national level. So, let's see what happens!

I've already contacted my alma mater to see if my friends back home would like to host BagFest at the University of Georgia. Of course, I'm open to other possibilities, too.

One last note: I'm not going to remove anyone's name from the contributor's list. So please feel free to keep blogging after the semester ends. I know I will.

And you're right Kim, I'm going to miss our class, too. Well, maybe this blog will keep us together in cyberspace long after our class ends.

At least I'm optimistic!


agourley said...

I really enjoyed reading Royte's blog. I'm glad that we were assigned this particular book for class, although the Cradle to Cradle book Dr. Verges recently mentioned sounds interesting also. I know that Royte's tone can sometime seem negative, but I think her writing is so honest and realistic. Her subtle humor also can bring light to her somewhat depressing topic.

kimlynch said...

Yeah, that Cradle to Cradle book is definitely on my list to read too. And Amy, you're right about Royte's style. One of the things I do appreciate about her is that she doesn't come off as being overly goody goody about all this. She's not going to be recycling twist ties and she asks bigger questions about what really matters.