Friday, March 23, 2007

Yogurt Lid

I came home from school tonight, grabbed a "cup" of yogurt, and was somewhat amused by what I saw. On the foil-ish lid, in big green font, it said "We're Thinking Green! In the near future we will be removing the plastic lids from our yogurt cups. This environmentally-friendly act will keep over a MILLION POUNDS of extra plastic from entering our ecosystem each and every year!" I thought it was pretty cool to see a manufacturer responding to the consumer demand for more earth friendly products.

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JENNIFER said...

That is great!!! But did you also see the recycle number. Most recycleing that I know of only take the number 1 and 2 all. I stopped getting yogurt because all the yogurts on the stores shelve was the number 5 or 7. I think someone should tell the yogurt business to also change the plastic thata they use. Untill then I am not eating yogurt.