Friday, March 23, 2007


I have learnt a lot lately about recycling in this class. I was first excited about Elizabeth's passion on recycling her own trash through composting. This may seem old to post since we read about composting but has still fascinated me. I did composting when I was little with my farming parents on a large scale of course and laughed out at Elizabeth when she had to look for some worms. Hey I had them all over me they were always there, poor things!! I didn't know they were such an important part of composting process. However when all was said and done we could harvest the biggest tomatoes, cabbages and potatoes of all. Elizabeth also talked about recycling tuna cans! oh how funny!who even cares where tuna cans go after eating? Great someone should have known they come back as valves and faucets from another country. And Now shopping bags!!! waaao! I think the reality of the coming bag fest hit me when we held a mini bag fest in class and how we collected 245 bags with only six people in class. I can't wait for the real festival it will be breath-taking to have all those bags. I guess all things can be recycled if we gave them a chance in fact we can recycle ourselves too!!!! How you ask? by recycling all the knowledge we had in this class during the bag fest to help the community know about recycling.`Great!After this class don't stop there go out and do likewise. recycle,recycle,recycle. Good luck.

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