Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Recycling

I was in Chicago this afternoon, for some reasons I was more observant than usual, maybe because my fiance was driving. I happened to spot two garbage collector trucks, one following the other, first of all because these two trucks were holding traffic downtown Chicago, but also because of the smoke produced by the two old trucks. Immediately an idea came in my head: Are these recycling trucks or the normal garbage trucks?!?! I asked my fiance if he will shortly follow these trucks because I wanted to see something. He was not pleased because these two trucks were giving off too much smoke; he kindly followed them for a while and I noticed that they were collecting different kinds of recycable trash and I figured to myself that they must be using "dual" method and I realized for sure how polluting this method can be and how much it can increase traffic since they are stopping very frequently. Regardless of the method, I felt excited to see that someone was recycling. I believe with rising awareness there will be more we can give to our environment and future too, in return we can benefit more from our world.

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ChantelleStacy said...

I think it is cool and hilarious that you were chasing a recycling truck...lol

That is too funny but neat. Isn't it amazing how learning something new 'opens' your eyes to tthe world around you. I love it!