Monday, March 26, 2007

living without virgin toilet paper...

So, I was thinking about the NY times article question, "what would you be able to live without?"
And I'm thinking I could definitely live w/o virgin toilet paper.

In Garbage Land (Ch 8 Mercury rising), Royte describes that in the virgin paper making industry "25% of a harvested tree goes into a waste pile." Now, mind you I was shocked to hear that the virgin paper industry is the " 3rd largest source of greenhouse gas in the U.S." Furthermore, it was frustrating to hear of the government subsidies given to this industry, which prevents growth in recycled paper industries, and costs us billions a year in tax dollars. However, something more sentimental and closer to my heart is the thought of a tree going down that doesn't have too. We need them to breathe, muey importante! Thinking of Royte's account of an "ancient hardwood forest" going down to make TOILET PAPER is completely appaling to me.

So I hereby swear to never buy virgin toilet paper again.

And I am awed at the thought that choosing and buying something like toilet paper might make such a big difference.

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