Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Festival Simulation

Festival simulation was very interesting today. We learned a lot of little, but important things by doing this simulation. I knew team work was important, but today it proved very much so because we could see how chaotic it can be if we are not organized. Few pointers such as good counting technique, putting in account that if one of those who will be counting the bags miscount, then we will not run the risk of counting the whole pile by putting them in different piles. Also possible use of gloves when handling these plastic bags since we do not know where they came from and what they carried before brought to us. The use of disposable gloves can help reduce some contamination, but also we have to remind ourselves the good handwashing techinique for the same reason, since hand washing is the most efficient and easy way of reducing germ spread. Generaly, I thought we did a good job and kind of gave us a picture of the big day to come. I am looking foward to this event.

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