Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just a thought...

A while ago in class we had been talking about various sorts of prizes and/or giveaways that we could hand out to people at the bagfest '07 . Well when returning some movies to blockbuster last night, a thought hit me.... Why don't we see if we could pass out some free movie rental passes? It would be good publicity for any movie rental store, and not cost them much money. Plus, who wouldn't want to come out to IUSB, get rid of their plastic bags, and pick up a free movie rental pass for it??? Just another thought as I'm writing this, free bowling passes would be great too! Especially if we could somehow manage to get some family bowling passes. Even if the passes were only for free games of bowling, and the consumer still had to pay for their bowling shoe rental, I'm sure that many families would being willing to "fork over their stash" of plastic bags for them. I'm not sure if there is any campus policies on which movie rental and bowling companies that can or cannot be advertised on campus, but maybe we could check it out?

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Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Wow, Mary--great thinking!

One incentive that I want to do is give folks a free cloth bag for every 50 bags they donate to the pile. Maybe folks who donate 100 or more bags can receive a free movie pass, too? That would be awesome!!

Of course, we need to handle the logistics. First, we need to find out whether Blockbuster or any other movie rental place would be interested in donating a set of free rental passes. And second, we need to make sure IUSB approves.

I can get a start on the approval process.

I just need a volunteer(s) to help contact these businesses. By the way, I have Word documents and pdfs about our project on my website. You guys are more than welcome to print as many copies as you need to present information about our project.

Mary--Good Work!!

:0) M