Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bag Force

In collaboration with Amanda Serenevy, President of Riverbend Math Community Center, we created Bag Force, a student-lead task force that promotes authentic civic action on the conservation of plastic bags. Fourth through twelfth graders are invited to join. Students who participate in Bag Force will conduct the following activities:

Before the festival, Bag Force members are encouraged to develop their background knowledge about this issue. One good source may be found online at http://techalive.mtu.edu/meec/module14/title.htm.

At the festival, Bag Force members will engage in three central activities: First, they will brainstorm questions to ask the panel of experts who will be speaking at the festival. Second, Bag Force members will attend the panel discussion and present their questions to the experts. Third, after the panel discussion, Bag Force members will work together to develop a community action plan. The Bag Force Action Plan will detail the issue discovered from the panel discussion and from the background reading; it will also include suggestions for community improvements. This plan will be submitted to the Voice of the People in the South Bend Tribune.

If you know of some students who may be interested in joining Bag Force, please have them contact me by March 23rd.


AmandaAshley said...

This is definately a brilliant way to get younger ones involved with this issue. This is exactly the age in which individuals should become educated on the subject. Can't wait to see how this is going to take off.

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Hey Amanda,

Thanks for supporting this new addition to the project! I'm hoping to have about 30 kids that'll want to join Bag Force.

It should be fun! :0) M