Tuesday, January 30, 2007


If anyone missed the news, like me, you can go to http://www.wsbt.com/ and watch a video clip of the news segment. It's a great story, much more comprehensive than I thought it would be. Right now the story is right on the cover page of the website, but in case you have to search for it later, it's titled, "BILLIONS OF BAGS: Local people struggle with paper vs. plastic question".


Jody said...

Michelle and anyone else working on this massive part of our 'garbage'...THANK YOU...for what you have done to publish this problem. We need more articles like this in our news, rather than all the fluff issues which get constant coverage (I MEAN really, who cares who wins the Oscars and what they were given to wear?)! I have been using my own cloth bags for years and I wouldnt go back. Sometimes if I forget to take them with me, I will break down and take paper bags, but at least I can recycle them in my compost pile! I cant believe that no one around here seems to care that massive amounts of our farmland, and tax dollars are being eaten up with nothing more than what we throw away! Did anyone here see the movie "Paperclips" where a schoolclass decided to collect paperclips in the same number to represent all the people murdered by Hitler in WW11? Thats what we need to do with garbage..people just dont have a clue!

kmmorela said...

I was reading the blog for the first time today, and I just want to thank kimlynch for adding the link to the news video. Unfortunately, I missed it on the night that it viewed. Thanks!