Monday, January 29, 2007

What I have learned about filmmaking.

Being a director is difficult. There are several responsibilities to manage. The good news is that a director is never alone! If they were alone, no movie would ever be completed. This is what I learned over the weekend. It took a "heart to heart" conversation for me to realize this. Let it be known, that realizing you're not alone is the greatest feeling in the world for a director! Thanks again to the person who help me realize this.

Tomorrow I will attend a meeting with Jim Yocom of Instructional Media Services on campus at IUSB. We are going to create a rough filming schedule for the Conserve Plastic Bags documentary. Jim is the man with the technological experience that will help to get this film completed. I have done some practice shooting, but only together can Jim, Michelle and I make this movie! I am so proud that the potential of this project has grown so much, even though it is VERY SCARY how quickly it has grown! With our plan in place, Jim, Michelle and I will hopefully begin filming in a few weeks.

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