Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stonyfield Yogurt - Bid with your lid 2008

Stonyfield Yogurt - Bid with your lid 2008

Check this out - Stonyfield Farm donates 10% of their profits to three non-profit organizations: Physicians for Social Responsibility, Ocean Conservancy, and The Worldwatch Institute. All they're asking us to do is vote for our favorite organization. Doing so will allocate a percentage of $40,000 to those non-profits. You can only vote once, so feel free spread the word to your friends!

And while you're at their site, also check out their Recycline Toothbrushes. I really like their vision: From Yogurt Cups to Razors and Toothbrushes. I appreciate their efforts at trying to close the recycling loop. It reminds me of some of the principles I read about in Cradle to Cradle (a great summer reading book if you have the time!).

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Nate Ring said...

Dr. V.,
If you have the book I'd really enjoy the read. Since I've finish the magnitude of reading I planned for the summer I'm looking for more challenging material.