Saturday, May 10, 2008

What is Nature?

I've spent the last three months collecting data on how people conceive of nature. (I'll be writing a paper on this topic soon, so details on this project are forthcoming.) One finding I've discovered is that when people think about nature, they tend to conjure up nice, pretty, cute creatures (e.g., birds) and lovely plants (e.g., roses). They don't tend to think about the scary, violent, and dangerous side of nature, like this video portrays. Wow, this is suspenseful!


SBCatMan said...

Yuk! Dang gummit, Michelle. I can't believe I actually watched that.

Sorry ... I prefer to live in a land of denial with trees and streams vegtarian squirrels.


Michelle Verges said...

hee hee - you made me laugh!