Thursday, April 24, 2008

Resisting the Wind to Work

Oh my goodness, I exclaimed to myself as I biked into work this morning. The wind was really making me work hard. Sometimes it was pushing against my side, but most of the time, it was pushing directly against my intended destination. (If only I were biking home, then it would be easy to go with the flow!) But no, not this time. I figured if I had been driving, I probably wouldn't have noticed this blustery wind. But on a bike, it's another matter entirely - turns out, I was biking against 26 to 32 mph gusts of wind. Wowza!

I'll tell you this, though. After putting so much energy into my commute today, quenching my thirst with water tasted much more sweeter, and sitting in my office chair feels a little more softer. Now, time to get some work done!

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