Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green Michiana Fair: April 12

Well, it looks like IUSB has done it again! But instead of hosting BagFest like we did last year, this year we're hosting the Green Michiana Fair. So please mark your calendars for April 12 and feel free to download this flyer and distribute it to your friends, family, colleagues, businesses, etc.

As you can see from the flyer, there's so much fun stuff in store for everyone! But there's still some planning that needs to happen. In particular, we all need to pitch-in to spread the word about this event. The IUSB Marketing Department is helping out, thank goodness, but we still need to contact local schools and churches about Green Michiana. I was also thinking it would be great to invite the Boy/Girl Scouts, too.

Bringing the kids to this event is a no-brainer. After all, we're going to have a Bike Rodeo at the fair! Kids and parents are welcome to bring their bikes for onsite practice bike riding. We'll also have information about safe family biking. And folks can try on helmets, practice riding using safety techniques, and have fun too. They'll also be free giveaways at the Bike Rodeo.

So before all the fun begins on April 12, would anyone be interested in helping me spread the word? I sure could use the support! :0)


Anonymous said...

I have been scrounging to get info about this green fair, and finally remembered the Bagfest website. Finally---useful information! Please ask IUSB to post this on their Events Calendar. I searched there, but found nothing. Three other places I searched for--but didn't find--info on the fair were the South Bend Tribune Events Calendar, Arts Everywhere Calendar (Festivals & Special Events) and WVPE Calendar. WVPE has actually added a "GREEN EVENTS" section to their calendar. The only place I've seen the fair mentioned is a SB Tribune letter to the editor from Kathleen Petitjean (SB green candidate). I will post the flyer from the Bagfest website at our downtown SB business, Shoeless Computers. THANK YOU, Michelle, for continuing to play a huge role in greening Michiana!

Michelle Verges said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your comment - after I read it, I made several phone calls to see what promotions are underway for this event.

Long story short, the ball is rolling (but maybe not fast enough!).

While everyone is trying to get their act together for the event, I ended up posting an announcement on Facebook. And I've asked Ken Smith to post the information on the ADP website.

Some of my colleagues have already contacted the SB Tribune, Arts Everywhere, and WVPE.

I also informed the Marketing Department about getting the information posted on the IUSB webpage.

Again, your comment helped sparked a fire in my behind to get the word out - thanks so much for letting me know about trying to access this information. Hopefully, getting the word out will soon be a cinch!!