Friday, March 07, 2008

Experimentaholic's Recycling-Lid Obsession Continues

What does eight years of higher education at the University of Chicago buy you? For Experimentaholic, it's somehow led him to pick through garbage and recyclables at several public venues! :0)

Remember the post about the effectiveness of using container lids on recycling bins? That project was apparently the spark that ignited Experimentaholic's flame in observing "smart" vs "stupid" recycling bins. Not all recycling bins were created equal as we recently discovered.

If you have a free moment, check-out Experimentaholic's post. And if you have a picture of a smart (or stupid) recycling bin, please send it to him and join the recycling-lid obsession!


Experimentaholic said...

Eight years of higher education at the University of Chicago left me beaten and worn. But hopefully you'll find the post interesting.

Michelle Verges said...

Well, you know what "they" say (I put "they" in scarequotes b/c who are they anyway?!?):

No pain, no gain!

Great post, Experimentaholic!