Thursday, February 28, 2008

SBT: Plastic No Longer Wave of Future

This morning, one of my colleagues warmly greeted me as the "Bag Lady." I've gladly accepted this moniker since hosting BagFest last year, so hearing this endearing term didn't serve my colleague's intended purpose. She asked if I had read today's SB Tribune. I hadn't; I had just finished teaching my 8:30am research-methods class when we spoke.

So I was pleasantly surprised when she told me about this story in today's SBT. Truth be told, I forgot I was interviewed for this story, which took place at least three weeks ago!

At any rate, I'm very encouraged to see Martin's promote their reusable bag program - so take note - we now get .05 cents off for each reusable bag we bring to Martin's. Woo hoo!!

(For future reference, I'll also post this article in the Media section of the blog.)


SBCatMan said...

What Michelle is too humble to mention in her post here is that she is mentioned prominantly in the referenced article. More importantly, I think it is safe to say that she -- and many of you -- played a significant role in bringing this sort of change about. The local movement towards making reusable bags available demonstrates the kind of positive impact that individuals and small groups can have when they put their minds and efforts to work.

Congrats to Michelle and to all of you who contributed to help makes this change a reality.

Nate Ring said...

That is fantastic news. I actually went to cloth bags a while ago due to a very convincing argument from good friend of mine. Since I refuse to read the newspaper (seeing as it could be distributed on the internet to save paper) I never noticed the article. Congrats Dr. Verges

Michelle Verges said...

Aww, shucks, guys. Thanks for the good cheer!


RecycleCindy said...

I love it -- another bag lady! People say that about me and I don't mind at all. We need all the bag ladies like us we can get.

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