Monday, November 05, 2007

South Bend Rallies for Climate Action!

So yesterday was the big day when we rallied for governmental leaders to take action to help reduce carbon emissions. Approximately 90-100 students and faculty from Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, and IU South Bend met with community members and local organizations at the Morris Center in downtown South Bend. Although it was a wee-bit nippy, I was encouraged to hear politicians speak about this issue. Congressman Joe Donnelly discussed how grassroots efforts helped sway the votes to prevent BP from polluting Lake Michigan any further. Mayor Steve Luecke talked about South Bend's efforts to reduce pollution in the St. Joseph River and use methane for generating electricity. And several Green candidates asked the audience to vote for them in tomorrow's election.

Click here to watch a news clip from yesterday's rally and click here to read about it in the South Bend Tribune.

P.S. I submitted my NSF grant today (3:07am, to be precise) - Woo hoo! :0)

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Experimentaholic said...

Congratulations on an event well-done!